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and jobs. we have a large energy sector. education is a big issue. among the latino population and especially democrats, immigration reform. host: the demographics of the voters in colorado? guest: 52% women, 40% men. we have increased the number of people were voting by mail. 800,000 people have already cast ballots in this state. it is equally divided. one-third of the electorate is a registered republican, won third democrat, one-third unaffiliated. everyone is plan for the group of unaffiliated voters. you'll hear a lot about appealing to women and latinos. we have heard a lot about the bennett strategy and that is the strategy center michael bennett used in running against the tide in 2010. where by appealing to women and latinos he was able to pull a victory in a year or not favorable to democrats. host: where are the traditionally democratic areas of the state? guest: denver is ground zero for democrats. boulder would be another. they have large registration bases in arapahoe m jefferson county. surprisingly, the fifth biggest county for democratic voter registration is
is a mural i designed for the usc student center with input from the latino student body. this mural is the focal point of a long struggle for the students at usc, who have struggled to assert their presence both in numbers and in sensibilities. we will use these lines to take to the center of our figures. and he figured them in mathematically... i call myself a chicana, because being a chicana means that i understand that i am in a position of the resistance of assimilation, essentially saying we will maintain our sensibility, that we are border people, that we live in the space between both the united states and mexico, that we are of neither and of both, and that we are, particularly, a people who...have a political point of view. and this is essentially the bones of the work. this will be like the bones -- what will hold the whole piece together so that not any part of the image will fly to a place. not an arm, not a leg, not a form, not a mountain, not a rock, will be placed haphazardly. it will be placed with intention. it will be placed in a musical rhythm, one form to the oth
this is kind of not just you, but it's also the whole mission district and the whole latino and chicano community as well. so, could you come up? and i wanted to know, supervisor campos, wanted to say anything else. -- say anything as well. (applause) >> supervisor campos . >> first of all, i'd like to thank supervisor ed mar, colleague of mine, we went to san francisco state together, for this honor this afternoon. i accept these honors, not for myself, it's not for me, it's my community. not just my community. the mission district, latinos, the whole southern part of the city that often gets neglected when we think about art, when we think about literature and part of my community, of course, is the literary community of san francisco with its great literary traditions. and if i may follow-up on a couple of things that supervisor mar said, i'd like it to be a tradition, but now on the port laureate addresses the supervisor to tell us of the plans. let me briefly tell you some of the plans i would like your support for in the coming two-year. one, a poetry festival for our young studen
turnout. we have a new poll that shows 8% of latinos have already voted. furthermore, the poll finds that 87% of latinos say they're certain to vote by november the 6th. could that level of turnout do you think, lily, give the president a significant margin of victory in places like florida and nevada? >> absolutely. and we've already talked about electoral maps here, and what happens with latinos is because the market is so concentrated in three key states, in this case colorado, nevada, and florida, which are critical for deciding who makes it to the white house, those are exactly the states where we are starting to see some early numbers. some of the, you know, obama campaign officials have said there's been up to, you know, 15% more early turnout by latinos since they opened in florida. so it's definitely a big, big number, and it's going to continue to rise. you know, colorado voters, you know registered voters that are latino are up by 15% which is a big number. it will make a big difference and we are more enthusiastic, the latest numbers are 45% of all hispanics that are regi
. intimidating billboards going up in african-american and latino communities in cleveland ohio saying if you go to vote, you might get arrested for x., y. and z. reasons. then you've got misleading ads like the one we showed you. this is actually run by a lot of the governments in pennsylvania, they're running radio ads and t.v. ads saying hey, you know what, you might need photo i.d. that's not true. finally, we had one last one employer pressure. that's from the actual c.e.o.'s. remember mitt romney speaking to them saying if there's one thing you can do to help you can tell their employees if they know what's good for them, they better vote on our side. the c.e.o.'s have complied and sent these threatening emails saying you're going to be fired unless you vote for our guy. that's not all. wait until you get ahold of mar copiopia county, where sheriff joe is. they've been accused of doing an enormous amount of antti latino actions. watch this. >> last week, we heard from a concerned voter in democracy 2012 complaining the wrong election date was written in spanish on her voter i.d. cards. the
ya los esperaba una multitud ansiosa de verlos. cesar ---pero la celebracion en el barrio latino de san francisco tomo un giro violento... blanca ---anoche, los eventos imprevistos para celebrar la victoria del equipo de casa... take vo ....repentinamente se convirtieron en manifestaciones donde hubo actos vandlicos. ---la policia respondio enviando equipos anti- motines para calmar la situacion. take 2 box ---pilar niÑo visit la zona y nos amplia la informacion... pilar. take pkg ;01 cesar ---y hubo algunos que quisieron sacar provecho del triunfo de los gigantes... y comenzaron a vender productos falsificados de los nuevos campeones de la serie mundial... take vo ---por eso agentes de seguridad interna y de aduanas realizaron operativos para decomisar esta mercaderia la que era vendida en las cercanias del parque de pelota at&t... ---los agentes decomisaron mas de mil 200 productos falsos entre camisetas, gorras y hasta bates de la serie mundial... ---la mercaderia pudo haber generado ganancias de hasta 25 mil dolares. cesar ---pero esta victoria no fue facil para los gigantes...
smiley. join me next time for a look at the role of the latino vote this election plus the r&b artist. that is next time. we will see you then. i try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminating hunger and we have work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> be more. pbs. >> be more. pbs.
to break. they will talk a lot about appealing to women, appealing to latinos. throughout the course of the 2012 campaign, we have heard a lot about the strategy of appealing to women and latinos to eke out a victory for democrats. host: where are the traditionally democratic and republican areas of the state? guest: denver and boulder tend to be democratic. the fifth biggest county for democrats with voter registration is el paso county. that is typically viewed as sort of a republican stronghold, and it is. increasingly, we have seen the ski area communities start to turn democratic. host: a lot of headlines and focus on early voting in this presidential contest. does colorado have it? guest: we do and we have mail in voting about two million people voted early absentee in the 2008 election. that is expected to grow to two 0.5 million this election cycle. keep in mind that colorado has about 2.8 million active voters. about three-quarters of the vote should be conducted in colorado. host: on election day, how do people vote? guest: there are three ways, optical machines, scanning m
out is latinos are underpolled nationwide partly because of a language barrier. you don't get an accurate reading and we talked about before in 2010 colorado, harry reid, a lot of latinos there. they trailed sharon engel by three points at the end and he wins. they're not correctly polling latinos and hispanics. virginia is a huge thing. 80% of the state, and a 92% increase since 2000. if you see an irregularity or differentiation from the polling in colorado, virginia, florida and perhaps florida on election night because they didn't correctly poll lati teenotices. >> virginia will come down to the d, democrats. 200,000 defense jobs are on the line with that sequestration looming on the horizon. the president knows that. i think george allen and tim kainen that. george allen has a new ad talking about it. >> the defense cuts tim kaine are threatening over 200,000 virginia jobs. the solution is to raise taxes. that will cost even more jobs. >> i think there's making a big deal about this because then it's crucial in the state economy. it will trickle up to the presidential ele
campeones de la serie mundial de béisbol, como dice luis mejid muchos jugadores son de origen latino. >>> fue una victoria de 4 carreras a 3, ante los tigres de detroit que le dio a los gigantes de san francisco el triunfo en la serie mundial. >>> mira, voy a celebrar, es un momento único de verdad, para l historia. >>> los gigantes son campeones gracias a un buen número de estrellas latinas, 11 estrellas que están en los mejores jugadores de béisbol del planeta. >>> qué jugador es el que más te gusta. >>> el panda. >>>s andoval. >>p>pablo. >>> sí, pablo el panda sandoval se ha ganado el corazón de los fanáticos, tiene un ardiente ejército de seguidores, como quintana que pintó su moto con los colores de los gigantes. >>> hey, pablo, hermano, gracias para los 3 homerunes, rompiste un record, pero sabía que lo ibas a hacer. >>> anoche el entusiasmo en san francisco estuvo fuera de control, quienes han seguido a los gigantes dicen que estaban seguros que su equipo iba a ganar. >>t>tenía eso en el corazón que sí iban a ganar, porque al empezar en la serie mundial, el prim
cuatro o cinco latinos en las grandes ligas, ahora somos 32%. >>> a la fiebre de los gigantes se le conoce como pandamonium. se espera que el miÉrcoles esta oye la ciudad. >>> los ositos. >>> pandaval estÁn por todas partes. en san francisco cristina londono, telemundo. >>> mÁs noticias del huracan sandy en la florida dejÓ huellas. rompiÓ un muro de contencion de corrientes marinas en el condado de palm beach. >>> para terminar les vamos a dar un repaso de lo mÁs importante de esta super tormenta que tocÓ tierra en nueva jersey y mantiene en alerta a once estados de la naciÓn ademÁs de washington dc. varios muertos en nueva jersey, new york y connecticut. es producto del choque del huracÁn sandy con dos sistemas invern invernales que cubren un radio de 900 millas. la peor tormenta en el este de la naciÓn desde el 1938. el fenÓmeno impactarÍa la vida de hasta 70 millones de personas y esta noche se informa ademÁs de dos millones de hogares y comercios sin electricidad, por primera vez un fenÓmeno climÁtica obliga la cierre de la bolsa de valores desde el aÑo 85. los
multitud ansiosa de verlos. cesar ---pero la celebracion en el barrio latino de san francisco tomo un giro violento... blanca ---anoche, los eventos imprevistos para celebrar la victoria del equipo de casa... take vo ....repentinamente se convirtieron en manifestaciones donde hubo actos vandlicos. ---la policia respondio enviando equipos anti- motines para calmar la situacion. ---pilar niÑo visit la zona y nos amplia la informacion... 0:01 0:20 0:40 1:07 1:25 1:32 2:07 limpiar y limpiar. a eso se dedicaba varios negocios sobre la calle mision entre la 22 y la 16 esta manana. amanecieron las paredes plagadas de grafiti despues de que la celebracion de la victoria de los gigantes, se convirtiera anoche en una excusa para el vandalismo en esta zona. es inaudito eso lo que ha ]] n hecho anita valdez me asuste me dio susto y me quede como que wow que paso aqui yo no pensaba que iba a estar asi de feo algunos de los negocios mas afectados se veian en la esquina de la calle 22 y mision.,donde el grafiti cubria de arriba abajo ventanales y paredes. marta orosa/residente de san francisco no estan
, barrieron a los tigres de detroit y mucho de los jugadores lograron la hazaÑa son latinos. >>> victoria de cuatro a tres sobre los tigres de detroit. el triunfo de la serie mundial, gregor blanco resumÍa el sentimiento del equipo. >>> es un momento Único y para la historia. >>> los gigantes se convirtieron en campeones gracias a un buen nÚmero de estrellas latinas, que estÁn entre los mejores jugadores de bÉisbol del planeta. >>> ¿cual es el jugar que mÁs te gusta?. >>> panda. >>> sandoval, es fantÁstico. >>> reconocido como el jugador mÁs valioso de la serie pablo el panda sandoval se ha ganado el corazÓn de los fanÁticos. tiene un ejÉrcito de seguidores. quintana que pintÓ su moto con los colores de los gigantes y envÍo un mensaje. >>> pablo, hermano, gracias por los tres home runes, rompistes un rÉcord, sabÍa que lo ibas a hacer. >>> la euforia por los gigantes estallÓ en las calles de san francisco. >>> hoy con mÁs calma dicen nunca haber dudado que iban a ganar y felices porque su equipo ha hecho historia. >>> tenÍa eso en el corazÓn que iban a ganar, cuando empeza
including harvey milk democrati! club, wallenberg jewish, latino democraticó african-american democratic club and thekx chargest chinesey(úvzh newspaper 9 i am deeply honored to have such win reelection and continue working on behalf of san francisco's working families i need yourkn help. big landlords, real estate developers and downtown special interests are flooding the richió thousands of dollars in a campaign7wuz i real reason for opposing me because i stand up for you andf: neighborhoods' needs first. with your help we can set the vote and the votes of your family we can fight off the special interesta81a and4n continue the progress ovr the past four yef+yj richmond t san francisco back on the right track. thank you so much for your time andi
, with the latino voters, a this jewish posters in west palm. the supreme court in my view voted like they were police force captains. >> jennifer: absolutely. now this time there is a whole push on the part of the obama campaign to get lawyers to key places. obviously florida is a target place, and i think there will be lawyers in all of these states. what is the role of those lawyers? >> the lawyers are there to make sure people potentially being denied the right to vote are allowed to vote. in 2000 the report of voter intimidation. it happened also potentially in ohio in 2011 -- things take place in these states where certain things are done to try to prevent people from voting. so the lawyers are there to help, so when people show up they can actually vote. >> jennifer: lawyers are recruit recruited across the country to be stationed literally at the precinct. and they want to pair up -- we want to pair up but they have sent somebody there. we're going to send a lawyer there to make sure every citizen has access to the ballot box. >> absolutely. and democrats do better w
-american americans, and look at that, latinos are pulling ahead of african-americans. do you think they're lazy, violent, etc. sometimes the numbers improve in some categories and regress in other categories. the implicit one is for a quick second show the picture of a white person, black person, latino person and then show you a neutral person and ask you about the neutral person. if you come up with negative comments, and you're shown an african-american, it gives a sense of how they feel about african-americans. it's a fascinating study and it's the way that a lot of studies are done. interesting number. if you think we have gotten past racial feelings in america you're wrong. we didn't. and now the religion of president obama. what are the latest numbers? in 201026% thought he was protestant, which by the way is the correct answer. now we're up to 28% getting it right for the president of the united states of america. but unfortunately in the last two years more people think he's muslim up to 18% thinking he's muslim, and then 35% saying, i don't know man he's only president of the united s
and women, white, african-american, latinos, people of different education. we look at the distribution of those and how many women versus how many men and comparison it to consensus data to say did we hit the target. we get close to the 50% and 50% break or 49 men and 51 women. if we don't, then we will weight the data which is a way of statistically adjusting to give a little more weight to people who are underrepresented in the polls if we don't end up in enough latinos, for example, we will weight them up. if we get too many with a college degree, we will weight them down a hrelittle bit. host: why are some polsters considered liberal or conservative and others independent? . most of the public pollster we are following these days in terms of the horse race polls they are doing, you mentioned the "washington post" and abc news poll, all the maim networks and newspapers have them. pew research is an independent corporation. gallup. none of them are liberal or conservative. their mission is to produce unbiased data to describe the election and our reputations depend on not only the ac
. with all that information, campaign is able to build teams of like-mindalled volunteers, latinos for obama, pacific islanders for obama. sportsmen for obama. all being recruited as part of the obama ground game. they meet online and then gather in the real world. >> i think we're expecting a few more people who are going to get started so we can keep on with our agenda. >> sreenivasan: this group of volunteers who cared about lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgender issues was preparing to go out and canvass local voters in support of the president. it seems whether it's dashboard or the mobile apps, they serve two purposes: one, to make sure your teams are in communication with one another and another to learn about the voters you're going out and reaching. >> absolutely. we're always going to be collecting information. because that's how, you know, we extend our reach. that's how we can continue to communicate with that person. just one phone call or one email is not going to get that person to be... to the polls on election day. >> sreenivasan: for years campaigns have dreamed of being a
underserved communities. for example, 35% of our borrowers are hispanic or latino. 22% african-american. 60% free mail, and 30% immigrant. -- 60% female. types of businesses -- we will make loans as small as $500 and as large as $100,000. they can range from home-based very small businesses like child care, people selling in the flea market, on up to janitorial, landscaping, restaurants, dry cleaners, and in some cases, small manufacturers. we sometimes bridges of it in even larger transactions if we think there's community benefits, we might wind collectively with the city's working solutions fund or with another lender. so far, -- and we work throughout the bay area. we work in four bay area counties, said francisco obviously being one of the importance, but also said the clara, san mateo, alameda. we have laid out over $15 million to bay area businesses with a medium loan size of about $7,000 -- median loan size of about $7,000. who do we work with? principally, we want to work with businesses that have at least one year of sales history. we will look at start of businesses in the case w
latino and an msnbc contributor. thank you both for joining me. >> thank you, reverend. >> david, what do these latest tapes tell you about governor romney? >> i'm glad you played that second tape. if you listen to it carefully and think about it for a moment, it says that mitt romney wants america to compete with china for having an environment more hospitable for business, but why do businesses go to china? they go because there are low wages and weak labor protections and nonexistent environmental standards. so, is he suggesting that's what he wants for american workers and american consumers? i mean, it's not a well thought out idea. certainly nothing he will talk about in the campaign. and since we're in the closing days, probably nothing he'll be pressed on. but he's saying, hey, guys, we have to be as bad as china in order to get businesses to come here rather than go there. >> and it's also a mischaracterization of his position and the president's. another thing that struck me is when i heard mrs. romney at the fund-raiser say the president isn't adult enough to lead the country.
registrants, young people, latinos, african-americans, are really getting out there and taking advantage of this. >> iwant to open this up to our little panel here. richard, we were talking before the break about how much the president in stepping into the role of commander in chief would inform and enthuse swing voters and you seem to think this is something people vote on, this does change minds. >> yeah. look, we're not talking here about driving the base, right. completely different discussion about sporadic and determined voters. but in that sliver of undecideds, this whole set of events, the kind of presidential acts and executive decisions that he has to move forward with over the next couple days, make him look bigger, make him look like a national figure in a way that the debates made him look smaller. and that's what mitt romney has a very hard thing to come out against as in any equivalent manner. debates have that equalizing effect. there's no way mitt romney can stage anything that will look as presidential as what the president can do. in that sense you have the advantages
families. some of them are african american. some are latino. some are asian or middle eastern background. most of them are white folks. this is not a racial deal. this is an equal opportunity hosing. it is not right. most medicaid money goes to other groups. first, elderly people on medicare who spent all their money and cannot afford to be in a nursing home except medicaid pays for it. should we send it to ohio and just blame the state and say your mother can stay and yours cannot? maybe worst of all, medicare provides health care to help for disabled children in homes that are not poor, not close to poor. [inaudible] even upper-middle-class homes because this party takes care of a child with autism or a developmental disability. you want to cut this? it is wrong. it is wrong. there is still will not be enough money to balance the budget. barack obama has a better education and health care plan. it better energy plan. we are all in this together. you are not on your own. it is consistent with good economics. shared responsibility in prosperity, not trickled down. it is consistent with t
this is the president's advantage. he has a big advantage in getting out the vote particularly the latino vote? colorado. i think that's where the obama campaign is the most focused where we have seen the most ad in denver and the media market overall that that ground game is so important now. >> jennifer: the people you listen to are they getting a lot of contacts? >> a ton of contacts. i haven't turned in my ballot yet -- >> jennifer: you better not say it on national tv. get out your cell phone right now. we're at the halfway point, folks of this two-hour edition of "the war room." climate change has taken a back seat in this entire election psych. will hurricane sandy put that back on the table? and we'll go to swing state current tv encourages you to vote on november 6th but just as importantly to take the time to learn about each candidate's stance on the issues that matter to you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. vote smart. our democracy depends on an informed electorate. >> jennifer: welcome back int
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)